Heritage Village, East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Heritage Village Exhibits

Fram Exhibit - located near the Town Hall

The Fram exhibit displays the old steam boiler from a Fram ship that sailed up and down the Red River of the North from Fargo to Winnipeg, during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Certificate of Enrollment

In conformity to Title L. “Regulation of Vessels in Domestic Commerce” of the Revised Statutes of the United States H.P. Anderson of the city of Grand Forks in the state of North Dakota having taken and subscribed the oath required by law, and having sworn that he owning one half interest, and A. O. Lystad of East Grand Forks, in the state of Minnesota owning one half interest are citizens of the United States and the sole owners of the vessel call the Fram of East Grand Forks, Minn, where of W. J. Slattery, citizen of the United States, is master, and that said vessel was built in the year 1900 at East Grand Forks in the State of Minnesota and Robert Morrison Spl Deputy collector of customs, having certified that the said vessel is a stern wheel steamer built of wood, that she has one deck and no mast, model head, square stern; that her length is 71 7/10 feet, her breath 18 8/10 feet, her depth 3 2/10 feet. Capacity under tonnage 22.85 tons and the said H P Anderson having agreed to the description and measurement above specific said vessel has been duly Enrolled at the Port of Pembina, ND given under my hand and seal at the Port of Pembina, N. D. in the district of North Dakota this 23rd day of July in the year one thousand nine hundred.

Weather Wisdom from the Past


When the dew is on the grass, rain will never come to pass.

It is a sign of rain when flies bit more aggressively than normal.

It is a sign of rain when cattle bunch together.

When we hear noises from far away, moisture is on its way.

If you cut an onion and milky colored juice runs out it means moisture is coming.      

If it rains when the Sun is shining, it is going to rain tomorrow.

Rain is coming when lots of ant hills are seen on the roadside.

If the Big Dipper holds water, it won’t rain.

If the dull side of leaves on trees are showing, it will rain.

If the Moon is tipped, it will rain



          Cold is the night when the stars shine bright. 

A ring around the Moon means cold weather.

          A sun do (ring around the Sun) means a cold spell is coming.

            When corn husks are tight on the cob, a cold winter is ahead.

            Cold weather is on its way when you see a high flying flock of geese heading South.


Weather Change

When a person’s arthritis flairs up, there will be a change in the weather.

Rheumatism aches are a sign of a weather change.

            Robins in the bush are a sign of an oncoming storm.

            If birds fly in groups near the ground, there will be a change in the weather.

            If cream won’t whip, a lightning storm will follow.

            Animals know when the weather will change to a storm.

            Students acting up in school indicates a change in weather.



            Fall is coming when the blackbirds start to bunch up in big flocks.

            If crickets come early, there will be an early fall.

            When corn husks are thick, it is going to be a long, hard winter.

            When muskrats build big houses, it’s a sign of a hard winter.

            Lots of berries on the trees indicate a coming hard winter.

            If the Sun goes down clear on Friday night, clear weather will prevail in the week.


Adapted from: Water resources.  Suitcase Exhibits, North Dakota, ND State Historical Society.  Bismarck, ND.